An impressive body of work.

Our productions have earned local and national awards. Our multimedia production company is committed to producing compelling, thought-provoking documentary work.

Chris’ Work

Chris Bury has reported from around the globe for ABC’s Good Morning America, World News and Nightline – where he was the principal substitute anchor for Ted Koppel. Notable documentary work includes the following:

PBS Frontline & ABC Nightline: “The Clinton Years
Chris reported, wrote and narrated this multi-part series that earned the Barone Award for Excellence in Journalism.

PBS “Misunderstood Minds
Chris brought his distinct brand of narration to this documentary that takes a closer look at children suffering from debilitating learning problems.

A&E’s “Biography” Series
Chris regularly provided narration for this critically acclaimed cable series.

Catherine’s Work

Catherine’s on-air radio personality work is well known in Chicago, Washington D.C., Houston, St. Louis and Milwaukee. Her crystal clear voice and conversational delivery has been featured in extensive voice-over work for major brands including:

  • United Airlines 
  • Campbell’s Soups
  • The Ronald McDonald House
  • Chris Bury ABC News Reel

    A compilation of strong story-telling from a veteran correspondent that includes breaking news, Nightline segments, Good Morning America features, political reporting, and Nightline anchoring.

  • Chris Bury Classic Nightline Reel

    A compilation of Chris Bury anchoring and reporting for ABC Nightline with Ted Koppel and PBS Frontline.

  • Chris Bury Feature Reel

    An elegant collection of features written and reported by Chris Bury: a dying rust belt town turns itself into a Hollywood sound stage; a wealthy software mogul re-thinks the value of money; the final voyage of the historic Delta Queen riverboat; America's last family traveling circus; a famous Norman Rockwell painting frames a classic New England Christmas.